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Who we are

Loving God, People, and Life

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Loving God

We believe in the Triune God, and seek to hear His voice and to be obedient to His leading through the Holy Bible.

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Loving People

We love people – inside and outside the church – with relationships characterised by respect and honour. The love that Christ first showed us spreads into every aspect of what we do.

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Loving Life

We believe in living the life that God has purposed for every individual, committing ourselves to proclaiming the good news of the kingdom.

Our Core Values

We Value People

“People Matter to God”

We believe people matter to God and therefore they matter to us. God demonstrated the high value He places on people when He gave His very best, His Son, to provide the gift of salvation.

We Value Service

“Every Member is a Minister”

We believe God has equipped every Christ-Follower with gifts and passions so they can become Difference Makers for Jesus Christ. We will encourage everyone to use and develop their gifts and talents in service to our church, community and world.

We Value Excellence

“God is Honoured with Excellence – “

We believe that striving for excellence honours God and inspires people.

We Value Relevance

“Changing Methods… Unchanging Message “

We believe the Bible is the most exciting book ever written and we seek to share its good news in relevant ways. Creativity and Innovation is encouraged.

We Value Application of Scripture

“Teaching is for Life-Change”

We believe the Bible is God’s Word to our world. Therefore, we must live and practice the life changing principles we discover. God gave us His Word in order to equip us and change us for His glory and our benefit.

We Value Growth

“Genuine Christ-followers Grow”

We believe in growth – numerical growth, spiritual growth, leadership growth, financial growth, and personal growth.

We Value Authentic Communities

“Growing Larger and Smaller at the same time”

We believe real authenticity is best described as openness with others about our strengths and weaknesses. We will help people find their way from the large group (Sunday services) into relationally authentic community groups (Life groups) during the week.

We Value Commitment

“Committed to scripture and Christ”

We make no apology at all for challenging people to follow the commitments of Scripture, to give all their life to Christ, to have a daily quiet time, to talk to their friends about Christ, tithe their income, to get into a Lifegroup, and to find a ministry to serve in

Our Pastoral team

Lui & Ane Ponifasio

Lui & Ane Ponifasio

Senior Pastors

John & Sisi Fale

John & Sisi Fale

West Campus Pastors

Jack & Deliana Aupe

Jack & Deliana Aupe

West Papua Campus Pastors

Sua & Bernice Sagala

Sua & Bernice Sagala

South Campus Pastors

Simon & Marie Young

Simon & Marie Young

West Campus Pastors

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South: 24 -26 Maich Rd, Manurewa

West: 99 Rosebank Rd, Avondale


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office: 09 2689295

Mob: 021922836



Service Times

South: 8:45am (Samoan) & 11am

West: 10am

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9-3pm